2nd Annual Hot Boat Reunion

Anyone interested in meeting the some of greatest names in Boat Racing, be sure to visit the RESP tent at the Lucas Oil “World Finals”, Friday November 5 for the 2nd Annual Hot Boat Reunion. Any of you nostalgia buffs won’t want to miss this oppertunity to meet with the owners and drivers and share the history that has paved the way to present day. Here is a partial list of the racers scheduled to appear:

Jerry “The Hammer” Hanks – Spooky BFF
Frank Dade – Mist, Smoke on the Water BFF TFH
Bob Morgan – “The Kansas Badman” BFF
Marvin Savage – Wild Child TAF UFF
“Ugly” John Mullens – Bad Medicine BFF
Robert Jordan – Tasmanian Devil BFF
Lee Oglesbee – More Wheaties TAF
Jim Anderson – Shady Raider BFF
Wayne Mettler – Frantic Rat UFF
Harvey Chadwell – The Black Rushin, The Rookie BFF
Ray Kelso – California Shaker UFF
Jim Anderson – Shady Raider BFF

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