Five Basic Boating Mistakes And How You Should Avoid Them


It’s easy to make basic mistakes that can have significant implications on the water if you’re new to boating – or even if you aren’t. Almost all boating errors are caused by being in a hurry, not paying attention, or both. Most of them are very common such as failing to check the weather forecast before hitting the water or not knowing how to moor a boat properly.

Below are five basic boating mistakes, along with suggestions on how to avoid them.

1. When you fail to check on the weather update

weather update

It’s typical to be overly thrilled to embark on a journey, and as a result, you lose out on essential information. If you don’t want to be surprised by gusty winds, choppy waves, and unexpected storms, you should tune in to marine weather before every journey. Remember, this is about marine weather, not the typical land-based predictions that show lower wind speeds and no sea conditions all the time. One of the greatest methods to ensure you never encounter this problem is checking the weather conditions on marine weather applications and putting them correctly before leaving the dock.

2. When you forget to put in the drain plug

drain plug

This is another typical blunder made by many people, particularly trailer-boaters, who frequently remove the plug between uses. It’s no surprise that one should read a handbook on launching a boat before starting a trip. In those guidelines, you’ll find advice on how to avoid a variety of other humiliating mistakes, even if they’re not as popular.

3. When you get lost


Even though there is a reach to sophisticated marine electronics and navigation systems, people sometimes get lost. Regardless of what gadgets you have aboard, any electrical system might have its bad day anytime, so you must always be informed of your whereabouts and how to go home. If your boat lacks navigational equipment, consider installing a marine navigation app on your phone, which effectively transforms it into a mini-Chartplotter.

4. When you overload the boat


This type of error can be quite dangerous, therefore keep track of the weight of both people and goods when loading the boat. Don’t waste any more time! If you haven’t previously remembered your boat’s maximum capacity, check the capacity plate to make sure you’re in the safe zone.

5. When the boat is improperly moored

Failure to master a correct cleat hitch is the most typical problem here. If not done properly, you may find yourself standing on the pier, watching the boat float away. Of course, properly tying up in a slip is essential to avoid the boat hitting the dock or pilings. To keep your boats in place, read how to tie up a boat guide.

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